Great Gma's Front Porch Prims

Specializing in One-of-a-kind Primitive & Folk Art Decor

About the Photo

The photo of the woman in the rocking chair is actually my Great Great Grandmother on my Father's side of the Family. I have always loved this photo and often wondered what chapter in the Bible she is reading (I am assuming that it is the Bible) and what the dogs name is! lol

Please do not use this photo for anything! After all, this IS MY GRANDMOTHER and she is not up for grabs or for sale.

About Me

After being away for a while, it's good to be able to work on my passion of crafting Primitives and             Folk Art! 

Please be patient while I get things going again; I also work a full time job so my time for crafting is limited to evenings and weekends. 

Thank you for stopping by, and stop by often! You never know when I will be posting a must have for your home!